《迪安 . Dean》How long do men feel about women?


作者:Jason walker

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终极无论你哪些挑选 那些终将到来…

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Ultimately, whatever you choose, those should come will come…

A fashion writer of 90 years of literature and art.



参加我们一个爱人之近海婚礼 。


Dean is a my good friend. We said,today we will drive to Qingdao
together to join a wedding of our friend of at the seaside.

必威 1


Hand in hand

When Dean asked me to drive to Qingdao that day, I was cursing in my
mind “Dirve to Qingdao? Train is more realistic or even fly?”

Mo Xiaoruan said, “I want to see the world, just because I want to see
you.”.” But Su Zheyu said, “I’ll never love you.”……” Well, then I
choose not to see the world and see you no more……………… Night,
dark. Two o’clock in the morning, the clock ticking, clear and slow.
Without a pair of eyes, he looked at the ceiling with a blank view.

迪安似乎会猜到本人的想法, 他随后说道: “一起的公路旅行, 聊天,
听着音乐无意义地开着车飞驰, 怕是老公们除了运动, 赌钱与饮酒之外,

Hand is a pregnancy test, the above two red mark clear, red as blood
contamination, enchanting bloom. Yes, she’s pregnant. After five years
of marriage, she’s still pregnant. Five years, she did not know how to
swallow pill, once again, again and again, she thought she would not
have children, this present life. But she was capricious, and last
month, after Su Zheyu had asked her, she threw out the white pill. So,
she’s pregnant.

Dean seemed to read my mind, he said: “The road trip, and chatting,
enjoy the music on the trip is the only social entertainment the world
left to two straight men like us. The only thing left other than sports,
gambling and drinking.”

必威 2

“噢? 这本身反而第一不成听说.” 我边问,边想着.


“Oh? I heard this for the first time.” I asked, and thinking it of.

Mo Xiaoruan white fingers fumbled, the pregnancy test in the hand, the
yellow light, her pale eyes staring at the two red marks, a little bit
of despair in the eyes of spread. Other women are blessed with
pregnancy, but she is not, she is pregnant, will only be cursed, will
not have blessing…… She wanted to see Su Zheyu, when the pregnancy
test, will not hesitate to throw her feet, he will raise his chin and
tell her, “I don’t want this child.” Yes, the man did care about her
feelings? I care about her? He was so cold, so heartless, in his eyes,
she was a wood man, never know the pain. But she really hurts. It

“你想, 两个男性的, 能一起去押画展也? 能一起去看电影为? 能一起错过逛街吗?
甚至合伙走上前一个近乎的餐厅吃个饭都令人生疑. 而具这些, 两单女性之还能做.

Five years, more than 1800 days, every day she feel pain…… He’s not
coming back tonight. Three days, she has not seen him for three days,
although she is his wife, but do not know his whereabouts…… It’s
ridiculous. It’s pathetic. Mo Xiaoruan pinched her pregnancy test,
slowly closed his eyes, his head is a blank…… She didn’t wake up
until a sharp brake sound came down from downstairs.

“You think, two men, to go and see the exhibition? Can go to the movies?
Can go shopping together? Even together into a decent restaurant to eat
a meal are dubious. All of these two women can do. Isn’t it?”

She thought, he must be back. Su Zheyu, who was fourteen years old,
loved the present man…… A second, two seconds, pinching her
pregnancy test, the number of time. When she counted 302nd seconds, the
bedroom door guanglang sound, that moment, her blood is cold. She loved
her, but she was the one she was most afraid of. You…… Are you
back?” Mo Xiaoruan’s instinct, up from his bed to walk, she wants to
take over Su Zheyu in the hands of the blue suit, but Su Zheyu did not
even look at her, very cold suit aside the chair.

“哈哈哈! ” 这家伙老是说有的新理论被自身听. 

“No need.”.” Su Zheyu, a pair of long and narrow eyes, fell on her body,
and he looked at her eyes, always so cold, cold into the bone marrow. Mo
Xiaoruan fear to see such eyes, every time she like hell, the whole
people seem to be cut in pieces, awl heart ache. A loose tie, he
snorted, quips, “I’m what could you? Don’t you guys like a threat? If
I’m tired of your miss, do I have to lose my arms and legs?” Mo
Xiaoruan’s face was pale, his lips faded red. In this case, she has been
listening for five years. For five years, she was always suffering. She
understood that Su Zheyu hated her, hated her, and used his favorite
woman’s cornea.

“Ha ha ha!” “this guy always says some new theories to me.” I laughed
and responded, “well, let’s do a road trip with brothers, occasionally,
why not.”

必威 3


Lovely to the extreme

About noon time, I drove my Subaru and reached the dean’s home. he and
his girlfriend we’re having fried bun and small wonton soup. I sat down
and waited for him. I didn’t ask if it was breakfast or lunch. The room
had not properly arranged, on the desk there was an open book, a tennis
racket, and some washed clothes not been folded…

But she didn’t do it intentionally from the beginning. She never knew he
had a secret love for him. She couldn’t have figured out Ann had a car
accident, it was just an accident. Ann was dying, and she just needed a
pair of eye membranes…… That’s it。

拖着根线, 抱着哇啦哇啦讲.

He clenched his lower lip tightly. The dim light shadow, her whole
person seemed very lonely, paler. The heart hurts a bit. The accident
that a pair of corneas, let the marriage of two people into a hell on
earth…… She lives barefoot, living like a purgatory everyday. And he
never laughed at her, even if it was only a short, very short moment,
never before. He must be tired, too…… The hand clutching the test,
the white knuckles may be too hard, even trembling. It’s a life, it’s
her and his children. Maybe this is the only child they’ve ever had. Su
Zheyu, he…… Will it be?

Dean’s television was playing a movie, a strong vintage feel, the people
inside use a kind of telephone with a long cable attached. fixed
telephone. People hold this big stuff and talk each other laudly.

Mo Xiaoruan lip bite out of the blood in the mouth, a smell, then she
quietly stood, watching Su Zheyu looked up to see water, he took off his
shirt and put on my pajamas, he pushed the door out of the shower……
And his eyes don’t stay on her for a second. Mo Xiaoruan full of
desolation. Is she wrong? Shouldn’t she have the pair of corneas? But
she never knew the secret of Su Zheyu’s unrequited love. She didn’t know
that she would have a car accident at that time. All the coincidence was
just like God planned, but God planned a game…… Tragedy…… Mo
Xiaoruan slowly closed his eyes, big tears flowed from her eyes. She
cried every day for years, and she thought she had no tears…… Su
Zheyu took a bath, walked into the door, took a cell phone and lay on
the bed, each movement was so coherent, skilled, like practicing
hundreds of times. He forgot nothing about him, and forgot the woman who
had shed tears for him for five years. Mo Xiaoruan stood, obviously in
the summer, she was shivering with cold, like naked fell into a big
icehouse as she climbed up, she was frozen to death. Hurt, hurt her out
of breath. When the last drop of tears was on his eyelashes, Mo Xiaoruan
turned his legs trembling. She was like a homeless person, miserable and
lonely. Her a pair of red eyes stared at in bed brush mobile phone Su
Zheyu, his lips, throat trembling, like card things, hard and pain. Su
Zheyu……” My throat is hoarse. She was humble and like a clown. And
he did not even lift his eyes, just staring at the phone, the nasal
cavity issued a cold hum, “great miss, what do you want to do the
elderly?” Will not be satisfied with me, but also a pair of my eye
membrane?” These words have sharp spines than those 100 Li, a knife, a
knife, and then slowly penetrated into the blood…… Mo Xiaoruan pain
really want to yell, but she stopped, she said, “because of Anjou words
a pair of eyes on? If…… If you don’t have the cornea, will
you?…… Even a little bit…… A little bit…… Like me?” She
didn’t even dare to ask for love. She knew that Su Zheyu wouldn’t love
her. Even if just like, or even just a little bit like it. So, for the
rest of her life, she can live with that little, only tenderness.

and Wives

必威 4

It took me about 2 minutes to guess that it was a Woody Allen movie.
“Yes, have you watched it?” It’s called 《Husbands and Wives》. “His
girlfriend replied, She is very cute with her beautiful teeth and
freckles on her face.


“没看了, 一收押中间这种说神经兮兮的品格就是猜测得到 。”

Her eyes were fixed on Su Zheyu. The screen flashed, and the light shone
on Su Zheyu’s face. His face was still cold, mocking, and he laughed,
“like you?” Mo Xiaoruan, five years, haven’t you woke up yet? A woman
like you, I’m sick, you’re too late, how can I love you?”

“I haven’t watched it. this style like talking as nonsensecan certainly
make me easy to guess.”

自我坐下的底早晚电影已近尾声。一对中产知识分子男女在做爱, 做容易结,


By the time I sat down, the movie was close to the end. A pair of middle
class men and women were making love. Once they completed, man were
panting and talking to women:

“你明白吗, 每个人都属同一栽动物, 豪猪或狐狸. 比如我虽是狐狸, 你嘛,
应该是豪猪. “

“You know, everybody is an animal, a porcupine or a fox. For example,
I’m a fox, and you should be a porcupine.””

“那么杰克属于什么, 萨丽呢?” 女人问道.

“So what is Jack, and Sally?” asked the woman

“杰克以我来拘禁, 必然是豪猪. 萨丽不好说, 我以为是狐狸吧.”

“Jack, in my opinion, must be the porcupine. Sally is difficult to say
… I think she´s more fox.””

开始和女婿并拿她们并之恋人一一打上豪猪或狐狸的标签 ……

Women seem to understand the principle of the came, and began to tag
their common friends with a porcupine or fox lable……


“Go?” Dean was urging me. But when he saw me sitting on the coach, even
saying ÿes, but no move at all. He also sat down, contuneed to watch and
playing on his phone, and chatting to me ….


Soon, we watched the whole movie at Dean’s home.

“谢谢您给我看了扳平管爱情恐惧片. ” 迪安女友笑着同迪安说.

“Thank you for showing me a love thriller.” Dean’s girlfriend smiled and
said to Dean

“不, 那是同等统纪录片.” 我同她眨着眼睛说. 随即起身道别.

“No, it’s a documentary.”  I blinked and told her this. Then I stood up
and said goodbye


Finally, we were on freeway off Shanghai,  I drove, Dean kept talking
next to me, I was silent. Clouds like cotton candy were stuck in the
side of freeway,My dark silver vintage Subaru Legacy Wagon seems to be
silently gliding. The turbo boxer engine suddenly made a muffled noise,
took over a slow black car which occupied the left lane all the time.
“So many…never know speed up.” Dean scolded.

“你认为你是豪猪还是狐狸?” 我豁然问迪安.

“Do you think you’re a porcupine or a fox?” I asked Dean suddenly.


“Porcupine.” Dean replied,”What about you?””


“I am not quite sure,maybe fox.””

“这电影有点意思啊, 把中产阶级, 知识分子从套子里抓出来, 撕得粉粉碎。”

“The movie was kind of interesting. What do you think?Grabbing the
middle class, the intellectuals out of the shell, and smash them.”

“都市中产阶级,过着舒心的生存,音乐会, 电影, 酒, 餐厅, 朋友,
” 迪安冷冷地游说正。

“The urban middle class, lived a comfortable life, concerts, movies,
wine, restaurants, friends, but life still is not as good as our ancient
ancestors, as hunters, chasing the injured mammoth, when the animal
finally fell, human enjoyed the true excitement and pleasure.” Dean said


Dean wore a T-shirt and looked quite passionate as always. 1 hours
later, we went along the ramp into the rest station to refuel, and I was

Laleh的歌 “Who started it”,我好欢喜的Jazz,

We stopped at a noodle shop, unexpectedly clean, even the floor. There’s
a Laleh’s song “Who started it” in the air, one of my favorite Jazz, as
a beef noodle shop, it is a little strange.

“He used to be hilarious”


He used to be a lively person


Before he lost his sense of… Fun.


Until he doesn’t feel happy anymore


Now he says,


Now he says God in conscious

今天外说 上帝在操控着

He said to me, God is manipulating

难怪 我们迷失了,我们且迷路了。

No wonder we get lost, all of us.

难怪 我们片单 都迷路了”

No wonder the two of us are lost”

业主以于收银机边上宣读一论旧旧的 《卡拉马佐夫兄弟 》.

The boss sat beside the cash register read the old book 《Karamazov
brothers》. When he saw us, he walked to us and took our order. After a
short while, the hot beef noodle was served. two of us kept silent and
started eating noodles.

老板娘走过来跟咱们搭话,他灰白的头发剪得整整齐齐, 晒得乌,
穿正同一码洗得卫生的卫衣, 看上去并无像一般的稍公寓老板, 

The boss came over and chatted to us, his gray hair was cut and managed
neatly. He’s quite tanned. The sweater he wears looked quite old but
very clean. He is certainly unlike a normal noodle shop owner, “You come
from Shanghai? I saw your car, the Subaru legacy? Nice car, rarely


“Yes, you can recognize it. Not many people know it.”


“Yes, I used to want a Subaru as well, a blue impreza.”


“Why don’t you buy it?””

“后来成家了,开了是店,画画也充分老无写了,  原来一些几乎部摩托车也不要命起,
除了辅导孩子作业, 晚上和邻居打打牌喝喝,也尚无啥事开了, 斯巴鲁这样的车,

“Got married, opened this shop, you know… stopped painting, stopped
riding my motorcycles…. besides helping kids with homework, playing
cards with neighbors in the evening, drinking, I have nothing to do, a
Subaru?  Not pactical for me any morer.” The boss grinned and showed his
snow-white teeth

自身点头表示知道, 继续没有着头哧溜呲溜吃面.

I nodded to show I understood, continue to eat noodles.

凭着好迎,老板娘抢在移动来收拾碗筷, 她圈起有点有少数岁数, 但还是生得意,
头发整齐地朝着后梳起, 闪闪发亮, 脸上皮吗稍有硌晒红,
一些请勿明确的雀斑倒是一点非以为难看, 反而增加了同等丝俏丽.

Once we finsihed, the boss‘s wife came and cleaned the table. She looked
certainly not young girl anymore,but still very beautiful, hair neatly
combed back, shiny, the face is slightly tanned, some inconspicuous
freckles on the cheek,looked not uncomfortable at all but even added
some beautity.


Dean stood on the cashier at the counter, the side stood a small matador
and bull, bull head, uniform tight spangled, is the thin sword between
bull shoulder uplift, while the bulls are filled with sharp horns shakes
to stab the matador, you cant see who will be the first to stab to whom.
Dean seemed to be attracted by the statue, standing there and playing
with it.


The boss looked at him, smiled, picked up the statue and said, “take it
as gift,I bought it in Spain when I had my motorcycle tour.”


Dean looked at the boss, saying thanki you like a robot. He put the
statue into her jeans pocket.


We jumped into the car again.


Changed to Dean to drive, the car runs on the new express way. The
asphalt road under the bright sun sends out the special fragrance, the
scenery is far away from each other, I have a glance on the speed meter,
probably is about 130 speed. The car continues to travel smoothly on the
high speed road, and the highway is also one of the signs of economic
development. Unfortunately, all the roadside scenery is the same, you
can not even tell whether you travel in Zhejiang or Shandong. All of a
sudden, I felt a little headache, and then a strong sense of drowsiness
pulled me into a bottomless sleep in a second.


“Bang!” With a muffled sound, suddenly a red Polo shook slowly and cut
in front of us, and I hurried to accompany it to brake together. Polo
shook like a drunken man in front of me, and one of the tires was flat.
It slowly pulled aside, and we drove slowly past it, and there were two
women in the car.


It’s like I didn’t say anything to Dean, and he didn’t say anything, and
I stopped in front of tens of meters. Two women have been standing
outside the car, in a white is still suffering from the shock, face red,
a black skirt is so pale.


I took a look and said, “flat tire.”.”


“Can you help me?”” The woman in the white skirt seemed to be able to
speak. His face was still slightly red, and his breathing was still fast




Now we have to travel on the road, Dean drove that one changed the tire
of the red Polo, I drove my Subaru followed him. Beside him sat the girl
in the white skirt, and the one in the black skirt sat next to me. She
had obviously regained her cool and happy mood, thanked her, and had a
silent chat with me, occasionally smiling faintly, her white, regular
teeth, and her pale brown freckles on her cheeks.


As dusk went on, we arrived at Rizhao, a lonely 2 storey house on the
beach. The white walls with flaking, a few trees in the yard, and other
places of weeds. In the cold pool, the water is very clear, but there
are many withered leaves falling in the water. There is a pink
inflatable unicorn in the center. The air should not be filled again
after summer. Its head and horns are slightly drooping.


There was little furniture in the room, a long sofa, and some scattered
mats on the ground.


“Well, we met you, or we were in the car, and we couldn’t come back
today.”.” White skirt girl shouted, eagerly open the refrigerator: “dead
tired.”! I’m going to drink beer! I’m going to drink beer!” It’s funny
and cute.


Sitting in the living room, drinking cold beer, Dean went to the
kitchen, poked his head into the refrigerator, looked inside and
murmured, “what else is there to eat?”” We were all indifferent,
sprawled on the sofa, except for the occasional beer.


I too got up and opened the stereo, and the music filled the room in an
instant, Schubert’s death and the maiden.


A few minutes later Dean holding a pile to eat out of the kitchen,
mushroom scrambled eggs, crab meat larriga some vinegar pickled seaweed,
smoked salmon with some sliced tomatoes sprinkled on the olive oil,
microwave blanching of frozen meatballs, doused in tomato sauce and
parsley mince. All of a sudden, they sat up excitedly.


“You can really have the ability, can use the refrigerator mixed
suddenly make a table delicacy. This is the real chef!” The white dress


The black dress lifted the cup and said, “let us meet today for toast?”
We have lifted the cup, drained, and then poured, then be drained, then
filled. I didn’t know how many times this action was repeated.


“What do you think death is?”” The black skirt looked at Dean


“You can’t feel anything.”. Absolute nothingness?” Dean replied, “how do
you think of asking this?”.”


“I thought so, but last winter, when I met the God lady in my hometown,
I began to believe in past life and reincarnation.” Black skirt.


“What about you, don’t you believe it?”” She turned her head and asked


don’t believe it at all, but tell me, how did you begin to believe in
past life and reincarnation?”


The black dress he swallowed beer, began to say, “the god Shiva and my
family very well, she met the new year I said I might have third eyes to
see their past lives, she took me to see me, I really did not expect to
see a lot of things like dreams, which there is a very strange, I was in
a house, I was known as the imperial concubine, I remember those things
in the palace, the emperor’s appearance, the title of Dao Guang,
remember his last lie in a room, a smoke suction, and then feel the soul
OBE. Slowly dying..”


“Should be the psychological role, just like a dream?”” Dean said.


“You don’t hurry, continue to listen to me.” Black skirt theory.


“But interestingly, I never cared about history. Before that, I didn’t
even hear the name of the emperor, and I didn’t know that opium had been
introduced into china.”


The more interesting is that this year, the first time I went to Beijing
to visit the the Imperial Palace, I saw a whole called Princess before
the imperial concubine palace, the palace and the time I see in my mind
is the same.” The black skirt went on.


“Anyway, after that, I believe in the afterlife, and believe in
reincarnation. The God said, “I also have the ability to guide people to
see past life, but the premise is that the person himself has third
eyes.”. But I tried it a few times and never succeeded.”


“Why don’t you give me a try?”” I asked with a smile. Obviously, I
didn’t take it seriously.


I didn’t think the black dress agreed, and I lay on the ground under his
command. She lay on my side and shook hands with me. Then she followed
her instructions and thought for a while and thought for a while.


“Now, you don’t want to think anything, and your mind is absolutely
empty.” Suddenly she ordered.


I tried to stop thinking, trying not to think about anything, just
seconds, completely unexpected, and I saw it all at once!


Guess and ordinary people, you are not in a dream or in the virtual
world of feeling, I still can clearly feel the surroundings, hand and
body temperature on the edge of the black dress, and her gentle breath,
even not far from the sound of the sea, but I can see another the


In that world, the first picture, I have a shining long haired woman on
the side, dressed in white wedding dress, looking at me, waiting for me
to kiss her… My wife? What a beautiful woman.


The second images, since I seem to be in another city, a bar in the
billiard table met another woman, she was wearing a denim shorts, loose
hair and makeup nor painted face, with little cute freckles, she gave
me, “Hey, you dare to play billiards with me?” When playing, tight
jeans, thin waist has been dangling in front of my eyes


Then I began to picture of disorder, house painting, painting, abstract
expressionism, painting, there is sadness, jealousy, anger, fear is more
beautiful. I’ll… And the long haired woman had dinner together,
watching movies, drink coffee, for a while, and I was straight hair the
woman opened a motorcycle at midnight Benz, drinking cold beer…. oddly
enough, there is a picture, I see myself with two women at the same time
lying in bed, staring at the ceiling…..


In the first throes, suddenly the pictures disappeared, and I sat up
with sweat on my forehead.


Dean Xipixiaolian looked at me and asked: “what do you see? Is it a


I hasten to see what I saw just as hard as I can, and I can’t believe
it, remember it so clearly..


Everybody listened carefully, and the room was full of noise, afraid of
interrupting me, as if I’d forgotten something, Dean’s face was white,
and I never saw his face look so white.


When they were finished, they were still silent, with their heads


I could not help but ask Dean, “what’s wrong with you?”


Dean replied coldly, “what you see is not past life, what you see




Dean coldly replied, “you will not see the past, you see me, I was about
ten years ago, my wife H, and my girlfriend B… We really know playing
pool at the bar…”


“The bed with three this is also true, but this is not what you think,
that time has been divorced, but to the thing of the house is still
quarreling, once we are not willing to leave, you are lying in bed
demonstrations, actually spent the night…”


Looking at Dean, I couldn’t believe that my third eye didn’t take me to
my past life, but I went to Dean ten years ago


Suddenly, the white skirt cried, “let’s go to MYNT.”!”


The four of us crowded in Polo, driving on a crowded path, and by the
slope, we could see the buildings that had gone through the storm were
located on the beach. The midnight sea did not feel lonely, but is


After a while, the girl, black skirt Shumenshulu put us into a building
on the third floor in the elevator, “3, MYNT”.

派打开,这是一个鲜给临海之酒店,充满着Hip Hop

The door opens, a bar on both sides of the sea, full of Hip Hop music,
noisy talk, alcohol, tobacco, all kinds of perfumes and hormones. The
dance floor was full of fashionable men and women, and I was complacent,
as if I were myself too

门户打开,这是一个星星直面临海之酒馆,充满着Hip Hop

The door opens, a bar on both sides of the sea, full of Hip Hop music,
noisy talk, alcohol, tobacco, all kinds of perfumes and hormones. The
dance floor was full of fashionable men and women, and I was complacent,
as if I were one of them.


Whiskey and soda came, and everybody drank it. Jamson whiskey is spicy
and tastes great. Women do not know when it has been painted on the
thick makeup, white skirt girl looked towards the surrounding eyes,
occasionally swept over me, but just stop immediately removed, black
skirt girl is squinting, with a face like mature, constantly looked at
me. We are on the floor trying to wriggle, all collision kept women from
time to time shaking into men’s arms, Dean with the music handsome
waved, just consternation swept away.


“Bang!”!” Suddenly, all the faces were illuminated by the red light, and
the beach rose to fireworks. Everyone was excited to walk down the
stairs to a platform. A smoke rose into the air, like the slow motion,
slowly blooming.


At the seaside, a pair of lovers snuggled close to each other. The
brawny arm of the boy gently hugged the girl’s shoulder.


“It feels good to be in love.”.” The sound of the white skirt breaks
through my eardrum


“The fireworks feel good in the air.” I yelled. “But it’s always
gone.”.” I’m going to answer it again.


“Love is right, is a lifetime indulge in fireworks.”.” She said this to
me, but I couldn’t see her eyes.


“There’s no such thing. It’s like no set of fireworks.” Dean is in
agreement with me in that respect.


“I’ll give you the Mayan horoscope. What do you think?” The white skirt
girl looked at me and asked.


Maya? Is that Maya who predicted the destruction of the 2012 world?”
Dean asked in disbelief.


I know you will say, the world is in the online version of the popular
people, Maya is much higher than the Gekebi forced this wizard.” The
white dress meanders, “and the destruction of the Mayan prophecy is
human civilization based on past emotions in the 2012 winter solstice
destruction. And the birth of a new civilization, is beyond the
emotional, closer to the birth of the spiritual world of god.”


In other words, it is not the destruction of the material world, but the
destruction of the emotional world.” The black skirt is also thoughtful.


“Look at us now, and think about how much we’ve changed since 2012 You
don’t say so much, you love a person thinking, and strangers in the
WeChat exchange, rather than about 35 friends talk with eloquence?” She
continued with the white skirt.

而振奋? 空虚, 充实, 这些算是精神?”迪安边想边说着。

Dean seems to be touched, “the emotional world, the so-called emotion,
that is, love, hate, sadness, anticipation, anger, these things… And
spirit?” Emptiness, enrichment, these computing spirits?” Dean was


“Emptiness?” Staying alone can be empty and full. A person or a loved
one, a child, surrounded by a loved one, a friend, may be still empty
Isn’t it?” Suddenly I felt a shock in my heart. “Spirit is indeed more
advanced than emotion?””


“You help me calculate the Mayan chart.” I began to request in turn
white skirt.


She gave her answer soon after she gave her birthday to the girl in


The white skirt slowly said, “the 5 totems in your destiny are.”:


First, the yellow man means freedom, your life will always be
accompanied by the freedom of thinking, this is your tone, but also the
main pursuit of your life.”


“Second”, “white wind”, means you have communication barriers, maybe you
can’t express it, or you can’t listen.”


“He does. You’re right.” Dean laughing.


“Blue hand” is your strong point, with the ability to heal.”


“Luna, which corresponds to your potential, you can control the mood.”


“Do I have any?” Do I have the ability to control emotions? I have this
potential.” I’m getting more and more excited.


“Yes, that’s what the chart says.” The white skirt nodded definitely.


“The last one is high ego, and your high ego attribute is willpower. And
you’ll be a better you.”


She looked at me without any doubt. There was a wizard like that on his
face. I was totally shocked, and I was overwhelmed by a completely
unbelieving, unbelieving person. Holding the whiskey, I just foolishly
poured it into my throat.


Will? Communication barriers, control, freedom?” That’s really me.


You count Dean, and I want to see what he’s like” But the white Qunyao
said, “no, I don’t want to give him.”


It was still dark in the wee hours, and I didn’t remember how we left
the bar. We came to the beach, took off our shoes and walked around the
waves. The wave foam washes our feet, the ice is shaking, everybody
shakes, everybody is drunk.


They took their clothes off the beach and walked slowly into the water
until the water was drowned in the chest. I stared with amazement. The
two bodies seemed to glow as they were, and they were lining up with
hazy bright colors. That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

你们想到了那个吗? 如果会选择的言语你晤面怎么挑你的逝世之办法吗?”

“I think part of my body is dead!” The black skirt suddenly called such
a sentence. She continues to shout and ask us, “did you think of death?
How would you choose your way of death if you could choose?””


“I want to design my own best work, and die at the end of my career,
when I’m on the podium,” I almost blurted out…



Dean and two women’s voices drifting farther and farther, a weariness
hit, I lie on the beach, vaguely see, they have disappeared in my sight.


I never dreamt of dreaming! Dream of a giant standing on the hollow iron
sheet, a huge palm, the soles of the feet down a crab.


Suddenly, as if someone threw me into the fire, I woke up suddenly. The
brain is never clearer. She stood in front of me! I’m not sure which one
is she, taking advantage of the light, I saw she was looking at me in
the eyes, slightly open mouth, cheeks not much, if any freckles, to tell
you the truth, I can’t remember what she was wearing, like white or
black silk dress, and also like what no clothes, light reflected in her
cheeks and shoulders, reflecting the skin luster like ice, daytime
exudes independence and her happy, but now only the helpless and



And then I didn’t remember, just remember, when I woke up, it was a man
lying on the bed in the house on the beach.


Walking out of the door, I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were two
women lying on the ground, one naked, the other wearing underwear, with
a marked purple mark on the neck.

迪安以在地上,满地都是烟头,他茫然地跷起峰, 眼睛里都是血丝,
似乎无法聚焦地则,“这还是事故,相信我 .. 实在没有道,才生了他们…”

Dean sat on the ground floor are cigarette butts, he blankly looked up,
eyes are bloodshot, seems to be able to focus on the way, “this is the
accident, I believe. There is no way to kill them…”


I don’t know why, seeing all this, the brain is completely stopped
thinking. And I like machinery, the Dean, two women’s bodies moved to
Polo, slowly drove to a cliff, and then push the car down… The blue
sea suddenly engulfed the red car like, never existed in this world,
everything suddenly disappeared. Not the least trace was found….


At noon, the wind blew my cheek in Subaru, I, on the edge of the dean in
silence, silence was nothing like him, the noon sun illuminate me dizzy.

要告发我… 我恍然就当脑子嗡的等同鸣,就吧扑过去强迫住了它们.”

Dean suddenly blurted out, hoarse voice, accompanied by the scorching
wind, “she told me to pinch her neck like that,” she said. “She wanted
to feel the way I said it. I didn’t think she really didn’t wake up.
Later another woman came in and said I was not intentional, going to
tell on me… I suddenly feel like a brain hum, also rushed past reined
her. “Dean said suddenly, the sun he looked haggard, and I like Subaru,
like a head of the elderly the essence of Zhuang leopard.

迪安把车于山路停下,下车来山崖边解手。他正脱了,转过身, 我便根据上前方失去,
当即跪了下来。我坚持从地上立起, 又受外一拳打倒, 再立起来, 又是同拳,
如此反复了十多破, 当我再次挺立到他前方时,他一度筋疲力尽气喘吁吁了。

Put the car on the road, Dean came off the cliff edge to stop. He just
turned and solve, I rushed forward, gave him a push, Dean does not
speak, a fist struck at me, I turned away, subconsciously to punch him
in the stomach, he turned on my chin gave me a punch, my ears
immediately humming that is, when kneeling down. I stood up from the
ground, knocked him down, stood up, punched again, more than 10 times,
and when I stood up to him again, he was exhausted and out of breath.


I stared at him like a madman and said, “now, it’s time for me.”. “

然后左手一记下钩, 闪到左手左手再也虚晃了平不行,
然后右手打了老力量的一个又拳.  迪安都全呆滞了,
突然他仿佛踏到了呀,人突然从了只转,踉跄着, 手挥舞着,

I am a left jab at his subconscious side head to avoid the flash, and
immediately used his right hook with me, but this time I hold, I endure
this pain and Superman with my fist hit a swing in his chin, and then
left a note under the hook, flash to the left hand and then left a
feint, a heavy right hand then played very strength. Dean has been
completely glazed, this solidly hit him in the face. He seemed suddenly
stepped on what, suddenly a turn, staggered, hand waving, falling deep


“Oh my God, I killed him. “I went up and saw the ground the porcelain,
the matador and bull, Dean, apparently stepped on it…


My mind is a blank, my heart did not feel afraid, just remind yourself,
let’s get out of here. Then he jumped into the car and sped forward.

从不起来多久, 突然前面闪出了同一部警车, 拦在行程中间,  “应该无处可逃了,
还是住吧. ”

Not long, suddenly lit up in front of a police car, stopped in the
middle of the road, “should be exposed, or stop it”

迫不得已地将车住于了路边. 警车上事先下少个警,
然后是一个过白大褂的面无表情的医, 还有即使是它们,细长的姿容, 微翘的鼻子,

But the car parked in the street. The police first and two police, then
a white coat deadpan doctor, there is her eyes, slender, slightly curled
nose, nose slightly freckles.

它们莞尔着对本人说: “结束了, 别担心, 我是来接您回家之.”

She smiled at me and said, “it’s over. Don’t worry. I’ve come to pick
you up.””


I said to her in despair, “I can’t go home. I killed someone. I put Dean
out of the cliff. Dean killed two girls.”.”

它活动上来,一将搂住自家脖子, 轻轻地报告我:

She came up and put her arms around my neck and told me softly:

“亲爱的,并从未呀迪安, 这是公想像出来的,

“Honey, there’s no Dean, that’s what you think, relax, relax. You’ve
been working too hard lately, so there’s something wrong with your mind.

“你为从未杀人,女巫也好,算命也好, 都是本人及医师叫您安排的, 为了吃你治病.

“You did not kill, witch, fortune telling, I and the doctor arranged for
you, in order to give you treatment. Now you are ill, you can go

自沮丧地指向它,还有警察及装有人说, “把自带走吧,我十分了迪安,

I said to her, to the police, to everyone, “take me away. I killed Dean,
on the cliff not far from behind.”. “


Then I have asked all of the people go to the cliff see Dean’s corpse,
we came to the cliff, a bunch of people to accompany me looking, no
body, no Dean, no one fell off the cliff traces of all vegetation are

“But it’s less than half an hour since he fell here.”.” I touched my
chin, and Dean hit still painful

话毕,她让先生要了只颜色, 我呆若木鸡地无先生将一针什么东西从至了自我的体内,

“But it’s less than half an hour since he fell here.”.” I stroked his
chin, Dean hit the place until now is still in pain. She came and
touched me, gently said to me: “now you know, and there is no Dean?”
said this, she gave the doctor a color, I let the doctor put a dumb as a
wooden chicken what hit to my body, and soon a human can not resist
fainting put me down.

再度醒来之时段, 我以祥和纽约老婆的铺上,

When I woke up, I was in the bed of my own home in New York, and I
didn’t know how long I slept. The sun was shining from the window to my
bed. My head felt very clear, touched the face and chin, was played
where still aching. She served breakfast to me, smiled and said, “Oh,
you wake up, eat breakfast. Those weird ideas are out of mind?”

她呢乐了,显得非常俏地则, 但我看得生它的疲惫,她说:

“Well, that’s all right.” I smiled, and I didn’t dare to tell her, and I
was actually thinking about what I killed dean. I smiled, nodded, picked
up the orange juice, drank a few mouthfuls, and she laughed and looked
playful, but I could see her exhaustion, and she said, “I’ll get you a
cup of coffee.””

—— 迪安.

I stood up and began to enjoy the bed on the opposite side of the
abstract painting, the painting of a woman, a tiger, his face a little
freckles, her face looked sad, drawing on the signature, Dean.






I Cant find Dean’s picture, Just use this Picasso’s work from Marid
Museum …
迪安的写我未能下手,只好坐马德里索非亚博物馆就幅毕加索的著述暂代…in in
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